We don't get enough sun- and daylight on a day-to-day basis. Over a billion people worldwide are vitamin D deficient because of our indoor lifestyle and sun avoidance behavior. We spend most of our time inside and behind computers, tablets and television screens. This indoor lifestyle causes all kinds of health problems that can result in serious illnesses. Many people are having trouble sleeping, are anxious and stressed in this high demanding and fast-paced world.

HelioS app

Vitamin D coach

The vitamin D coach tracks how much vitamin D you are getting from the sun. HelioS will notify you when vitamin D is possible and also stops when the sun is getting to dangerous. The turnover menu is for maximum vitamin D synthesis. You can see per day, week, month and year how much vitamin D in International Units (IU) you are retrieving from the sun.

Sunlight coach

The sunlight coach shows the UV index at any time and place. The safe exposure time shows how long you can stay outside without any danger from the sun. The sunlight coach provides notifications about sun protection. You can either walk into the shade or put on sunscreen. You can see how many hours you spend safe and unsafe per day, week, month and year.

Daylight coach

The daylight coach considers the minimum amount of light that you need every day. The recommended exposure time shows how long you have to be outside for reaching 100% of daylight that day.

The HelioS smart ring is an all around smart device that includes 3 coaches. With the Helios smart ring, you have the perfect combination of the benefits of the sun and protection against UV radiation. The vitamin D coach motivates you to consume vitamin D and keeps score of how much vitamin D you are gaining. This is the first personal vitamin D tracker in the world! The sunlight coach shows how long you can stay outside safely and makes sure that you never get a sunburn again. It's sun protection around your finger! With the daylight coach, you can see how much daylight you need on a daily basis and how long you have to spend outside to reach that minimum amount of daylight. With all the coaches, you can see your progress per day, week, month and year.