The beginning of the Helios smart ring

by Gleb Nikeschin
Helios Ring

Every company or product starts from somewhere. From a conversation, a thought or an idea. You might be walking around, and an idea pops into your mind and then like a cartoon character a light bulb lits up above your head, and your pupils dilate, and you think that you have something here. Dopamine travels to your brain, and you feel excited and thrilled. This could be the start of something great or something new. Not the same excitement as getting a job at a well-known phone company or at a corporate office where people in black suits walk in-and-out with Starbuck cups glued to their hands.

This is a different kind of excitement because when you get a job somewhere, doesn’t matter where you walk on a road that already been paved, and you just do the same as your predecessor. When you start on your own and doing something new, you build your own road, and you walk your own way. A road is not the right word here because that’s an image of something that’s steady and solid. Think of a tightrope where balance is most important. Putting a little bit of weight on the left or right and you fall.